After purchasing my first digital camera I quickly grew tired of booting a computer, running a program, attaching wires, and worst of all, RENAMING the files.

I solved the wire problem by buying a PCMCIA adapter...I was happy---for a while, since I was usually too lazy to boot the computer just to upload some images anyway.

At that time (more than I year ago) I was trying to learn Perl (i still am) in my spare time, so I hit upon the idea that I should just insert the camera cartridge into a computer--and thats it. I had a 24/7 monitorless/keyboardless Linux server at that time so I quickly kludged together a few scripts to intercept the shell scripts in /etc/pcmcia and just save the JPG files somewhere automatically; best of all I just named the files according to YEAR, MONTH, DAY, and SEQUENCE--that was enough for me. Some people like to categorize their files by topic, by subject, or maybe by occasion, but my files were quickly growing and I did not have enough time so I do not have that luxury.

a camera card being inserted into the server (takes only a few seconds to upload)

What the uploaded files will look like. Filenames will obey the original picture's timestamp.

machine-generated html as viewed from a remote machine after the batch processes have run

As you can tell I'm not that great in HTML either but it works!

its also a good idea to share the files using samba

I have more than 3,000 JPG images right now.

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